xx Coin Community Sale

The xx Community Coin Sale is a public sale for supporters who track xx -- the sale is not being advertised or promoted on 3rd party sites; it is only for the community.

Regarding the maturity & value of the platform, a lot has happened since earlier sales:

  1. Almost 100k lines of code were tested and open sourced;

  2. 250+ nodes around the world in eight geographic bins joined xx;

  3. Consumer hardware was confirmed as adequate for xx node operation;

  4. More than 40B messages were processed in the xx BetaNet;

  5. Throughput levels were confirmed at over 3700 messages per second; and,

  6. Revolutionary Elixxir pre-computation reduced processing time to about 3 seconds.

Now with this Sale, there is the opportunity, before 2020 ends, for early supporters to participate in platform growth just as:

  1. xx Consensus scalability is publicly tested and confirmed; 

  2. The Integration TestNet runs for hundreds of millions of transactions at a target of 1000 TPS; 

  3. xx Consensus publicly demonstrates test capability of 3,000 TPS with a 1000-node network; and,

  4. the xxDK is open sourced in combination with the first public discussion of xx dApps in development.

This is also a great time to purchase and rebalance holdings after a period of BTC, ETH and crypto appreciation.

The Sale will be small.  There will be one $500k allocation for smaller purchases with a minimum purchase of $200.00 and a maximum of $10,000.00 at a price of $0.45 which is 25% above the early sale price of $0.36.  For these purchases, it is the intent of xx network, subject to legal restrictions, to make coins tradeable at Decentralized MainNet (when the network is controlled by decentralized governance).

There will be a separate $500k allocation for larger purchases with a minimum purchase of $5,000.00 and a maximum of $100,000.00 at a slightly lower price of $0.396 (in compensation for the longer lockup) which is 10% above the early sale price of $0.36. For these purchases, it is the intent of xx network, subject to legal restrictions, to administer a post-Decentralized MainNet lockup of one year plus a number of additional months determined randomly.

Unfortunately, and very unfairly, because of U.S. law, right now the xx coin sale can only be open to non-U.S. persons.

Beginning at 07:00 UTC Friday December 18, 2020 the Sale will open to members of the community to purchase xx Coins in the form of xx ERC-1404 tokens.  The Sale will be conducted on the 3rd party Tokensoft platform to facilitate the completion of KYC by new purchasers.  Those who have already completed KYC (those who have already participated in a prior sale, or in the case of Node operators been rewarded with tokens), can simply sign in to the Tokensoft platform and purchase.  New purchasers can complete a simple KYC process and then purchase.  For those who have already completed KYC, sign in will be through the email and password used previously.  Anyone who has problems signing in should email [email protected] for help.

The sale will last as long as the allocations are available and provisions will be made to assure that new purchasers have access to part of the allocation (as processing new KYC will take a small amount of time). With respect to purchase paperwork, you may review the Subscription Agreement for smaller purchases here and larger purchases here.  Allocations are limited, so purchase early.  

Purchases can be made with US Dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin and Gemini Dollar.  If you choose to pay in US Dollars the minimum investment amount is $20,000 for a wire to xx labs SEZC.    

Please also take a moment to review the:

xx network whitepaper 

Praxxis Technical Paper 

Elixxir Architecture Brief


ERC-1404 Gitlab 

More information including token economics can be found on our historical token sale site xx-coin.io.  

For any questions about wallets, please refer to the Wallet Quick Start Guide.

xx network does not distribute, offer, solicit sales of, or sell any xx coins in any state or jurisdiction in which such a distribution, offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction. 

xx labs SEZC  90 N Church St    George Town  Cayman Islands