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xx network

The xx network will support decentralized messaging, payments, and dApps and was designed in response to growing public concern for user privacy as well as the emerging threat of quantum computing.

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Google’s Quantum Computing Breakthrough Brings Blockchain Resistance Into the Spotlight Again

David Chaum Explains His New ‘Quantum-Resistant’ Crypto, Praxxis

Tech Giants Have Hijacked the Web. It’s Time for a Reboot.



1 Billion Coins

In the genesis block, one billion xx coins will be minted. Initial distribution of the coin will be via an ERC 1404 smart contract to non-US persons. By MainNet, it is planned that the smart contracts will convert to official xx coins on the xx network, possibly via an intermediary smart contract.

A total of 70% of the xx coins are reserved for sale or other disposition by the Company. These xx coins are intended to be disbursed or allocated to the community through public sales, private sales, auctions, and community incentivization programs by MainNet launch. 25% of the xx coins are reserved for project creators and WBM Corp. (the developer of Praxxis software) and 5% of the xx coins are reserved for the xx network ecosystem (developer awards, etc.).

xx network


Decentralized MainNet

Summer 2021
xx foundation operational
xx governance controls all network permissioning
Conversion to native xx coins
U.S. exchange listing and trading

Technical MainNet

March 2021
xx messenger public release
xx dApp betas
Non-U.S. exchange listing
xx coins released for limited trading/transfer
Technical MainNet Coin Sale
xxDK expansion
xx consensus controls network scheduling


Spring 2020
xx node lab and hardware specification
BetaNet code open sourced
Initial BetaNet nodes selected
Summer 2020
xx network BetaNet launched
8 geographic bins established
100-node/100B milestone achieved
Fall 2020
4k prime released
BetaNet optimized
250-node/30B milestone achieved
December 2020
Integration TestNet
xxDK open source & release
xx dApp examples
Network decentralization program

Public alpha

September 2019
5-continent xx network public alpha released
November 2019
Release of the xx messenger via the collective app
December 3, 2019
xx coin registration begins
January 2020 - March 2020
Early xx Coin Sales

Private alpha

July 2018
xx network private alpha released
September 2018
Elixxir announced to the public
January 2019
BetaNet node selection process begins
May 2019
Release of the xx collective app
June 2019
Community-driven selection of BetaNet nodes
August 2019
Praxxis consensus protocol & digital currency announced

Learn about the xx network

Checkout the xx network site, and learn about the technology underpinning the xx coin.

xx network

Get updates on xx events and releases on the road to MainNet